Live traditional cooking classes

Live traditional cooking classes

Madonie UNESCO Global Geopark, Italy

By following professional local chefs cooking in real-time, inhabitants can learn and interact in order to improve their ability and knowledge of traditional cooking.

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Anyone who wants to improve their cooking and learn more about local cooking traditions

Main promoter

UNESCO Geopark Parco delle Madonie

Overall aim

Through live classes, inhabitants can learn more about their local heritage through traditional cooking. This is a great tool to maintain sense of community by improving long-established skills from the area.

Brief description

Restaurants in the Madonie Geopark are hosting live streams on the Ente Parco delle Madonie Facebook page. Chefs prepare traditional Madonie recipes together with the viewers. Since the show is live, viewers have the possibility to interact with the host. The recipes are published as a weekly menu in order for the viewers to prepare before the show.


By live-streaming local craftsmanship produced by professionals, viewers can learn more about their heritage through real-time interaction. This could be translated into many other types of craft and adapted to the heritage of every single unique territory.

Cross-cutting themes

Cultural & Natural Heritage