Adopt a grandparent

Adopt a grandparent

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Strengthen social links and wellbeing between the elderly and children through phone calls.

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Elderly and primary school students

Main promoter

Acli provinciali di Bologna Associazione di Promozione Sociale

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Overall aim

The aim of the project is to combat the loneliness of the elderly during the health emergency and, at the same time, alleviate the nostalgia of distant grandparents in children attending primary school

Brief description
it consists in starting a contact (telephone) between a child and a single grandfather (or grandmother). The children participating will win a medal: they will certainly be able to pass on their enthusiasm to their grandparents and, in return, they will receive stories, tips, life stories
We realized» explains Diaco «that many elderly people call the number dedicated to psychological support just to have company. That’s why we welcomed the proposal of Silvia Cocchi, of the Curia School Office» says the President. The idea of “adopting a grandfather” is simple: «As Pope Francis pointed out, “embracing the cross of this moment means finding the courage to open spaces where everyone can feel called and allow new forms of hospitality, fraternity, and solidarity.  The strength, the joy of children, their positivity, you can meet with the need for company of a/a grandfather/a alone

Ensure mental wellbeing and strengthen the community by maintaining a social connection for all age groups. Use online tools to connect different age groups to exchange experiences and to learn from each other.

Cross-cutting themes

Social innovation Technological innovation