Programme type

Winter School

Place of teaching

Kuopio & Lahti, FINLAND




Organised by the Savonia University of Applied Sciences (UAS)

Type of access

Bachelors, Masters, PhD Students along with local authorities, associations, NGOs, heritage sites’ workers

Required fee

150,00 Euro

The Winter School will be delivered in presence at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences (UAS), Kuopio Finland. It will include both lectures, study visits and interactive workshops with the students. Depending on the number of students, group work may be developed to support peer to peer learning and exchange jointly with the students of Savonia UAS.
The aim is to create an understanding of the concepts of regional green growth from the different disciplines’ perspective.​
Creating Green Growth through heritage-led strategies for Rural Regions -week:​
  • strengthens capacities of exploring information, ​
  • offers a platform for networking, ​
  • provides new capacities for green growth initiatives and ​
  • launches co-operative co-creation activities.​
The program is composed of five days with various coordinated activities.​
Participants will learn to apply approaches for regional sustainable growth by multidisciplinary lectures, workshops, teamwork and social cultural-heritage activities.​​
After the Creating Green Growth through heritage-led strategies for Rural Regions -week, participants have gained a pioneer expertise of green growth aspects from different fields, such as:​
  • Business, ​
  • Design, ​
  • Engineering & Technology,​
  • Health Care & Social Sciences, ​
  • Music & Dance, ​
  • Natural Resources and ​
  • Tourism & Hospitality.​
You can also enhance your personal well-being during the week by taking part in Finland Ice Marathon and various other exciting activities organized in the area.
Enrollment for the international week begins at the beginning of November 2021.
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