RURITAGE troubadour

In the context of local events in Role Models and Replicators’ territories, RURITAGE reintroduces the concept of the Middle Age troubadour, intended as an artist travelling from place to place performing and showcasing its art in relation with the RURITAGE context and mission. A call will be open in fall 2019 to appoint a RURITAGE troubadour who travels from one RURITAGE region to the other, interacting with the local communities and performing/showcasing his/her art and developing new art inspired and influenced by his/her encounters. S/he keeps a digital diary/photo journal of his/her journey, using social media and RURITAGE website. During his/her travels the RURITAGE troubadour stays with locals of which s/he also records short audio or video captures of moments shared together. While traveling from one RURITAGE location to another, the troubadour makes use of sustainable transportation (walking for example along pilgrimage trails, biking, bus, train, car sharing…). An overview of the art developed during these travels is presented during the final conference in an exhibition that embodies the diversity, but also the communalities of the European spirit.