Resilience-building activities in Tetritskaro

Responsible development for Tetritskaro through Risk-Aware practices

Where we are

The Tetritskaro Municipality in southeast Georgia is a unique territory. The home of mixed communities of Georgians, Armenians, ethnic Azeris, environmental and climate refugees from the landslide-stricken Adjara region, and also the Tskhinvali region. This diverse population has settled among a stunning natural landscape, with the highest number of cultural heritage monuments per square km of any municipality in Georgia.


Unfortunately, as a largely rural and agricultural area, Tetritskaro is at risk of social collapse, as people, especially youth, move to the capital for a more vibrant lifestyle. It also on the verge of an economic crash due to climate change, increasing disaster risks and outdated farming practices, therefore threatening people’s primary livelihoods.

The RDFG Association (Association Rural Development for Future Georgia) believes that Tetritskaro’s rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and easy accessibility from the capital Tbilisi, makes it the perfect candidate for harnessing its heritage into social and economic development through resilience-building activities.

Rural Heritage

With the support of RURITAGE project, RDFG hopes to assist the local population on how to protect themselves and cooperate with rescue squads during and after a disaster event. RDFG will also promote hazard-aware tourism infrastructure and agricultural practices, working with local civil society, youth organizations, agricultural cooperatives, and community groups. All this with the ultimate goal to inspire the population to invest in a future in the region and develop their municipality.