Restad gård Migration Centre in southern Sweden

Working on social integration and inclusion of asylum seekers by the establishment of a regional reception center.

Where we are

Located in the southern part of Sweden, one can find the home county of the Restad Gård Migration Centre, named Västra Götland County. Located between two great lakes and the Kattagat sea, its known for its vast lands, rolling lowland hills and lush forests.


In this rich area of natural heritage, Restad Gård is a place with ancient cultural heritage. It is located outside the city in rural surroundings. From the 1590s onwards, Restad Gård has been a family mansion, a summer residence for ten significant governors, and as Vänersborg’s hospital and asylum. Now, Restad Gård acts as a place for both accommodation, work and relaxation, while safeguarding the historical and cultural heritage.

Rural Heritage

By using the opportunities and possibilities presented by RURITAGE, Restad Gård is focusing on the establishment of an organizational solution to the asylum reception structure. Through the project, they hope to enhance the capacity of the local communities in the district through a Migration Centre. This will also expand the local economy, create employment with high competences, enhance the inclusion of migrants and asylum seekers.