Polevaya Village: Creating Clusters for the Development of Rural Tourism

Polevaya Village: Creating Clusters for the Development of Rural Tourism

Where we are

Polevaya Village is known among the local people as Ukrainian Switzerland due to its spectacular natural scenery. It’s located on the territory of the Dergachevky subregion on an impressive natural oasis of gardens and ponds, forests and fields.

Today Dergachevsky subregion is one of the largest suburban territories of the Kharkiv region in Ukraine. The territories of the Dergachevky subregion include the Dergachevky city council, the Malodanilovsky village council, the Solonitsevsky village council.

Culture and tourism are an important component of the social life of the Kharkiv region since they create conditions for the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people, the free development of cultural processes, and an increase in interest in the national cultural heritage.

The tourism infrastructure of Dergachevsky Subregion and Kharkiv region is oriented towards acquaintance with the nature and history of the native land, old and newest traditions, and reflects the modern tendencies of the development of the area.


The territory is composed of monuments of nature and recreational areas, rural sites, museum objects, and historical sights, festival movements, various tourist routes. The area forms a cluster of diverse types of industrial activities.

Rural Heritage

Participation within RURITAGE project would allow the area to enhance territorial development and international cooperation, and gain the necessary experience of participating in institutional forms.

In the future, the agro-tourism cluster “Energy of Changes – Eco-Community” would unleash the natural potential of the area and shape a sustainable partnership with the participation of the local entities.