Green tourism in Meseta Iberica Biosphere Reserve

Migration strategies for depopulation in Meseta Ibérica

Where we are

The territory of the Meseta Ibérica Transboundary Biosphere Reserve (MI TBR) presents a landscape with great historical, cultural and natural richness. These elements are a perfect base for the rural regeneration and local development of the area. Meseta Ibérica TBR is determined to achieve socio-economic development in the territory in a sustainable way, preserving their natural heritage.


One of the great fragilities of this territory is the demographic depression and abandonment of the rural environment. By attracting young adults to the area, using traditional activities and natural heritage strategies, this trend of depopulation can be reversed.

Within the RURITAGE project, EGCT ZASNET, the entity that manages the RBT MI, intends to benefit from the exchange of scientific knowledge, mainly regarding logistic functions and its applicability into ecosystem conservation, economic and social development to regenerate the region.

Rural Heritage

Their mission is to provide the territory inhabitants with tools for social sustainability, thus promoting assessment into their authenticity and uniqueness. By highlighting the region’s distinctive factors, biodiversity, local ecosystems and products of excellence, RURITAGE’s heritage-led plan allows them to promote the Meseta Ibérica TBR as a destination for “green tourism”.