Preserving traditions in Lower Prut Biosphere Reserve

Lower Prut, the Pinnacle of the Delta Danube Natural Heritage

Where we are

Located in the south of Republic of Moldova, the Lower Prut Biosphere Reserve encompasses the Prut River and its floodplain lakes. Two-thirds of the surface of the area is occupied by Lake Beleu. A wetland area extends along the Prut River, covering a mosaic of water, meadow and forest ecosystems. The main economic activity is agriculture, which provides 90% of the inhabitant’s income.


The local population cultivate crops near their houses, to assure a certain level of life and to sell some of the domestically cultivated crops at the market in Romania or in the administrative center – Cahul. However, the economic activity in local communities has undergone considerable changes recently. Both the activity of fish farming, as well as the agricultural practices have been greatly reduced due to the economic troubles as well as land degradation due to intensive farming practices.

Rural Heritage

In order to achieve sustainable socio-economic development and rural regeneration, it will be extremely important to increase the local population’s awareness and understanding of the complexity of the environment, Biosphere Reserve concepts, and sustainable development.  Under the mentoring of RURITAGE’s Role models, actions will be taken for the preservation of trades and traditional economic activities (fishing, knitting wicker, rush, traditional cuisine, pastry), the promotion of local brands and products of the Lower Prut Biosphere Reserve (product fairs, exhibitions, cultural events), and for the provision of better information to raise awareness of visitors and tourists.