I Cammini Di Fransesco: faith for rural regeneration

The “Cammini Di Francesco” in Toscana: the development of religious routes to create new opportunities for local communities.

Where we are

The rural landscape, crossed by the “Cammini di Francesco in Toscana”, is characterized by Franciscan sites that even nowadays continue to give great significance to the large rural area. The area includes a national park (Foreste Casentinesi) and three Natural Reserves (Sasso di Simone, Alpe della Luna, Monti Rognosi). These territories are “constellated” with inhabited centres, whose communities developed important agro-pastoral activities in the past.


However, this did not prevent the abandonment of mountainous areas or the decline in rural population over the last decades. The main challenge for the territory is the re-vitalisation of rural mountain areas through the creation of a network of religious routes that connect the numerous Franciscan sites. The network of routes can encourage the opening of new activities related to hospitality for pilgrims, as well as the sharing of knowledge, visits to cultural and natural resources and the sale of local products and foods.

Rural Heritage

“I Cammini di Francesco” will allow rural communities to develop diversified activities and connect the local communities with pilgrims traveling from various parts of the world. By learning from and mentoring of the pilgrimage Role Models, “I Cammini di Francesco” hopes to catch the attention of international pilgrims, increase local food production and sales, and ultimately develop in a sustainable manner.