Causeway Coast (UK)

Building community resilience to resolve conflict and build a peaceful and a prosperous economy through Bushmills Creative Hub

Where we are

On the Northern Coast of Northern Ireland, you can find an area of magnificent beauty; The Causeway Coast. This stunning 30 km coastline stretches from the mouth of the Foyle in the West, all the way to the Glendun River in the East.


The village of Bushmills, the focus of this Replicator, is located in the Causeway Coast & Glens (CC&G) Borough Council, only two kilometres from the UNESCO World Heritage site at the Giant’s Causeway. The surrounding rural area suffers from the legacy of “the Troubles” which has resulted in unemployment, low levels of educational achievement, lack of opportunity, marginalisation, ongoing conflict and levels of intimidation. As a result, the community has been held back and a situation has developed in which people feel they have few opportunities to secure a better future for themselves.

Rural Heritage

With the support of RURITAGE, the Causeway Enterprise plans to develop a ‘Creative Hub’ that will provide an inspirational, neutral space, to engage the community and to deliver social inclusion programmes focusing on Arts & Festivals and Artisan Food, building on the unique Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Causeway Coast. Raising people’s aspirations of what’s possible, using the cultural and natural heritage – Art, food, tourism and creativity – to open the community to new ideas and provide the skills and creativity they need to drive change and economic growth.