Via Maria (Maria's Way)

RM2 - Pentecostal pilgrimage
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Harghita is situated in the middle of Romania, at the eastern border of Transylvania, in the central part of the Eastern Carpathians. The Via Maria pilgrimage route (also known as Maria's Way) to Şumuleu Ciuc / Csíksomlyó is one of the most important pilgrimage routes in Central and Eastern Europe. It crosses up to seven different countries: Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia and Bosnia. By welcoming all types of visitors and offering a diversity of experiences, the way aims to be a bridge between religions and people connecting East and West, North and South.




The county is predominately a mountainous area covered by forests, which is why Harghita county is called the “evergreen land”. There are over 2000 mineral water springs in Harghita county - utilized for therapeutic purposes. Main economic activities in Harghita county are wood processing, food processing, garment production, agriculture, and tourism. In Miercurea-Ciuc monthly there is a local producers’ market, several local food brands have been elaborated and introduced.

Pilgrimage tourism is one of the oldest forms of tourism and the Via Maria pilgrimage route to Șumuleu Ciuc/Csíksomlyó is one of the most important Romano-Catholic pilgrimage paths. The Via Maria has the characteristic to be a pilgrimage that connects the States of Central Europe with historical, cultural or religious differences. The aim is to build up not only a unified pilgrim’s way but also also to create a network between these places.

Harghita County lies in the central part of Romania, at the Eastern border of Transylvania. Mountains cover about 60 per cent of its surface while forests cover more than its third part. It can be considered as an intermediately developed region, with a high share of its inhabitants living and working in rural areas. Main economic activities in Harghita county are wood processing, food processing, garment production, agriculture, and tourism.

Highlights and Key facts

Rural Heritage Hub

The Rural Heritage Hub will be the headquarter of Harghita County Council. This building allows for the organization of events and could provide all the necessary equipment and facilities for a successful meeting and also the skilled staff. This venue has also its own Art Gallery, where cultural events, exhibitions and shows could be organized. Some meetings and events will be hosted in the well-known pilgrimage site Csíksomlyó/Sumuleu-Ciuc, in the Jakab Antal Study House. There is a complex of services in this building: conference rooms, teaching rooms, accommodation facilities, restaurant and bar, chapel.

Via Maria hub
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