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R4 - Negova village of the Gornja Radgona municipality
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Negova village of the Gornja Radgona municipality is located in the northeastern part of Slovenia, namely in the Ščavnica valley and in the wine-growing area of the Radgona hills. It borders neighbouring Austria along the Mura river.

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Negova village belongs to the municipality of Gornja Radgona. This municipality covers 30 settlements, where, according to the available data for 2016, 8,471 people live. The municipality is known for fairs, viticulture and Gornja Radgona sparkling wine. The main economic activities hosted in the municipality are the fairs, viticulture and the production of the local sparkling wine. The surrounding area of Negova is rich with mineral springs – natural mineral water and ponds. The Negova Regional Park and the Negova Lake are protected as a regional park, and its surroundings are well known for their natural and cultural values.

Negova village hosts the Negova сastle. The castle has been declared a cultural monument of national importance. The castle has supposedly developed from the wooden shooting manor which was set here as early as the 11th or 12th century. It went through different building phases and several extensions were added over time.

Since 2014, the Negova Castle has been the domicile of the Photographic Federation of Slovenia which organises exhibitions of well-established Slovene and foreign masters of photography within the project “Fotograd”. The Manor House hosts a Tourist Information Centre.

The visitors of its courtyard are never bored as various events – festivals, exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops, literature readings – are taking place there throughout the year. Beyond the Negova Castle walls, the guests of the region can find numerous gardens, where ecological farming brings local community together in offering organic domestic food and genuine traditional products.

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Rural Heritage Hub

The meetings of the Rural Heritage Hub will take place at Negova Castle. The old castle originates from the 2nd half of the 14th century. The new castle, built in 1615 is the second part, and Pristava, which was used as an outbuilding, the third part.

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