Preserving old traditions for innovating agro-food production in Apulia

Where we are

Apulia – or Puglia, how it is often named – is a region of southern Italy bathed by the Adriatic Sea from the east to the north and by the Ionian Sea at the south side. Its southernmost part, the Salento peninsula, forms the ‘heel’ of the ‘boot’ of Italy.




Apulia succeeded in combining traditions with history and artisanal production with innovation and technology. The economy of Apulia has recorded the best trend in the recent years among the regions of southern Italy. In particular, tourism development has been accelerated here, and National Geographic has named Apulia ‘Best Value Travel Region in the World’.

The region has also achieved a high level of specialization in several industry sectors. Policies aimed at innovation development together with investment incentives have stimulated the growth of local production system and attracted more than 40 international industrial groups belonging to aerospace, automotive, chemical and ICT industries.

The regional research system brings together over 5,000 researchers, and the agro-food technological district of Apulia involves 100 companies, 12 Universities and Research centres, 14 local administrations and sectorial associations for the integrated management and governance of the region.

Rural Heritage Hub

The physical location of the Rural Heritage Hub will be the headquarters of D.A.Re. in the city of Foggia. An alternative is an itinerant Hub made by the Straw-made Amphitheatre system created by Vazapp’. It has been made using simple straw-made cubes from 30 young people with different expertise (architects, designers and volunteers) and it is able to host 250 people.

Puglia Rural Heritage Hub
Sustainable Local Food Production
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