Looking across the world, rural communities tell us the story of a thousand of years long collaboration between nature and human society. In a time of constant new challenges, rural communities must grapple matters beyond protection, but grasp the opportunities – and understand the potential – springing from their diverse and dynamic heritage. RURITAGE turns rural areas into laboratories to demonstrate Cultural and Natural Heritage as an engine of regeneration.

Innovation areas

RURITAGE has initiated six Systemic Innovation Areas (SIAs), as frameworks to identify unique heritage potential within rural communities: Pilgrimage, Resilience, Sustainable Local Food Production, Integrated Landscape Management, Migration and Art and Festivals. Click on the relevant icon to explore the concept related to each SIA.

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Heritage Hubs

You find our RURITAGE Rural Heritage Hubs (RHH) in various corners of the world. The Rural Heritage Hubs are local communities that have joined RURITAGE as either Role Model or Replicating areas. The Role Models are territories recognised as prosperous cases that have regenerated with the help of cultural and natural heritage. Prosperous practices of the Role Models are analysed and furthermore transferred to six selected Replicators. These Replicators represent local communities within rural territories that are in the process of building their own heritage-led regeneration strategies, although in need of support to improve their skills, knowledge and capacity building.


Every RHH is a community of local stakeholders as well as a physical meeting place where co-creation activities take place. It is therefore a living lab where local stakeholders and inhabitants cooperate for developing new heritage-led regeneration strategies for their territory. By using the map below, you can easily explore all our hubs. To learn more about Role Model and Replicators in general, please go under The RHH folder on the top of the page.

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News & events

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Additional Replicators – establishing action plans together with RURITAGE community

In February 2019, RURITAGE launched an open call for additional territories to join our community and develop their own heritage-led strategies within the project's framework. We received [...]

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